Thanksgiving is usually a time for everyone to get together with their families, have a nice meal, watch some football and have a conversation about how they are going to do this exact thing again a month from now, but only with the added element of gifts. (I actually enjoy spending time with my extended family, just making a joke.)

But on Tuesday night I discovered that a Thanksgiving tradition of mine took a serious blow — the cancellation of “Mystery Science Theatre 3000.”

A quick rundown: MST3k or Misty to fans, is a show about a guy that is trapped on a spaceship with robots and they make fun of terrible movies. It was a show that originated in our great state, went to Comedy Central, then SyFy, was cancelled, brought back in 2017 on Netflix and had two new seasons. It has been a tradition for fans, even during its first cancellation to watch a marathon on Thanksgiving Day.

This is when I truly fell in love with Misty. I had remembered catching it late at night on Comedy Central growing up (usually I was sick and was not going to school the next day), but during the downtime on Thanksgiving the marathon made me laugh and appreciate riffing.

Everyone has a T-day tradition, mine is watching MST3k. Even my children get into it. I remember watching reruns of the show with my son and singing the theme song with him (“In the not to distant future...”).

It was announced by creator Joel Hodgson that the group was looking into alternatives (namely any one of the 2 million streaming services that there seems to be now) and hopes to return in the future. The biggest hangup that the show had was acquiring the rights of the terrible movies it makes fun of to use on the show. This is why it took awhile between the first season on Netflix to the second.

I plan on watching this year’s show again with my children (the annual Turkey Day marathon was on YouTube). By the time you are reading this, I will have enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal prepared by my wife, I will have spoken to my extended family and I will have had several great laughs as terrible movies play in my house.

Here’ to hope that the show will be resurrected once again.


Zach Stich is the managing editor of The Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

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