My iPad just bit the dust. It died of old age. I forgot all my passwords. I’m in trouble.

I miss my iPad. I am actually addicted to Facebook and Words With Friends. I find myself going to my desk several times, knowing clear well my games are gone. Something like turning on the light switch when the power is out.

The kids just bought me a new one on Cyber Monday. They got the last one in the store. It is my gift from them and myself for Christmas. Since I lost the passwords, I am writing this on my daughter’s codes — will have to figure out the rest later. In the meantime, I want to discuss the pros and cons of technology in grandma’s opinion.

Over the past Thanksgiving weekend, I noticed my grandchildren walking around with their handheld electronic devices. I watch people in the grocery store talking on their smartphones. I read about people dying in a car accident due to texting while driving. I saw a man on the news walk off the subway platform onto the tracks below due to his concentration on  the gadget in his hand.

Technology is good until it is abused. Sexual predators lurk through chat lines. Bullies hide behind the safety of the internet. Scam artists prey on the elderly online with their lies and false promises.

Have you ever wondered why we can’t just have the good without the bad? It would be wonderful, but as long as the Prince of Darkness battles with the King of Light, there will always be a battle for our souls.

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I firmly believe in the art of sincere communication with one another. I am afraid we are losing ground in this area. Communication with programmed devices does not count as there is no real human, face to face contact.

Do the perks of technology outweigh the negativity received from the increasing advances in the field? I would have to answer yes. But when abuse raises its ugly head, we have to clamp down on it immediately and harshly. We can’t let it get a stronghold over us.

I think we all have been affected by the invasion of the cyber world into our personal space.  I know a lady who lost her lifetime savings by a scam artist. I know a beautiful 17-year-old who had her life snuffed out by texting while driving. I know someone who found their spouse online and it was a bad mistake. (Yes, some have succeeded as well.)

Life has changed dramatically since I was a kid. We didn’t get a telephone until I was 10 or 11. A black-and-white TV came a few years later. I can’t imagine what life will be like when my grandchildren reach my age. I cling to the promise of the defeat of the Prince of Darkness by the King of Kings. And I know someday the battle of good versus evil will end.

Now if I could only find those passwords!


Jean Lemmon is a columnist for The Daily Journal.


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