I read several online editions of newspapers: Minneapolis Star Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Fargo Forum, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and five others. It is apparent that most of these publications have an agenda which is hostile to conservatives, Christians and Republicans-yet they gloss over or totally omit antics of the radical anti-American left. I spent a day reviewing events of the past several years and collected the following examples of this double standard.

Sarah Sanders, who was the White House press secretary for President Trump for several years was constantly attacked by the left. Not one feminist defended her, and none of the leftist mainstream press organs defended her.

Nancy Pelosi invited several illegal aliens to the recent State of the Union address, while President Trump invited several victims of illegal aliens to the address. I can’t find any mention of this contrast in the leftist press.

Although the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump was unable to find that Russia had donated any funds to the Trump campaign, none of the press made mention that Russia donated more than $145 million to the Clinton Foundation in the years before Hillary’s failed run against Trump for the presidency.

The barrier wall which President Trump is trying to erect costs less than the Obamacare website gobbled up before it finally was installed. Any  info from the mainstream press about that contrast?

The left is fanatic about taking away our rights under the Constitution to keep and bear arms. Yet history is rife with  bloody examples of governments which disarmed their citizens then murdered millions of citizens who posed the slightest opposition or criticism of the their rulers- from Hitler’s Nazi (National Socialist Party) purges and wars which left more than 20 million dead, to Russia’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republic round ups of dissidents and murder of more than 30 million people, to China’s Socialist Communist executions exceeding 35 million people, the world has lost more than 90 million people to the gun grabbing left. Yet the press conceals those numbers and persists in praising the virtues of “progressives” and their agenda.

Tell me, when do you remember the press telling you about Switzerland and its national laws about guns? Do you know that the Swiss government issues a rifle to every household and its government trains every adult in the use of a rifle? And that Switzerland has the lowest gun crime rate in the civilized world? 

And, who cannot see the hypocrisy of those who condemn gun owners while they are surrounded by their own armed bodyguards, or denounce us for destroying the environment while flying everywhere in their private jets? 

Finally, please tell me, whom among the prominent reporters or correspondents in the leftist press can you name who says he or she is proud to be an American?


Bill Schulz

Fergus Falls


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