It seems to me that we “don’t often hear” about what kids are “picking up on” from this president in terms of his actions toward others and his words while in office.  Presidents have always been looked up to as role models of civility, dignity and respect, regardless of party. However, President  Donald Trump departs from the many norms of decency of our past presidents. As someone who has worked with kids for 45 years, I was interested in an a post (Facebook) that sums up Trump’s actions toward others and words that kids pick up on … they are as follows:

• Mocking the disabled is cool.

• Never apologize.

• Never admit you are wrong.

• Name-calling is cool.

• Science is stupid.

• Empathy is for losers.

• Be afraid of anyone not white.

• Cheating is acceptable.

• Bullying people is good.

• Stealing from charities is OK.

• Reading is a waste of time.

• Attacking dead people is fine.

• Distorting the truth is normal.

• Always blame others.

• Always take credit when no credit is due.

I hope we can move toward “a kinder and gentler place” where we have role models of civility, dignity and respect that serve our government.


Jerry Horgen

St. Cloud

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