Dr. Noel Collis a solid hardworking conservative, whose only motivation to run is to stand up for the cause of freedom. He believes that the need for change in Washington right now is so important, that like President Trump, he has self-funded his primary race with money he made from investing in a startup company called Electromed. 

Noel has been a physician in the district for over 30 years, a small business owner and investor who wants to take his knowledge, experience and perspective to Washington to fight for us.

Noel has integrity, he was the only candidate honest enough to tell the Republican district convention he would run in the primary before they voted. Knowingly giving up his opportunity to win the endorsement. 

Noel is a political outsider who is pro-life from conception to natural death. He will defend our Second Amendment rights and he will fight to protect our rural way of life. 

Our choice is clear, vote for Dr. Noel Collis a political outsider and solid hardworking conservative who will standup for the cause of freedom.


Paid for by Dr. Noel Collis for Congress.

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