This is a game but with this administration it takes on a different twist. If you dare to tell the truth, there will be repercussions as witnessed in this White House. A decorated war hero was stripped of his duties and threatened with military action along with other dignitaries who were subpoenaed and told the truth under oath regarding what happened with Trump and the Ukraine.

He discredits the CIA and the FBI but admires Putin. He excuses those who have lied under oath like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone among other unsavory characters whom are his friends.

Lies have been common place since day one of this presidency when he said he had the biggest inauguration crowd ever with Sean Spicer echoing this lie. This has intensified along with name calling, belittling, falsehoods that all immigrants coming to California were murderers and drug dealers, and so the list goes on.

The Senate has opened the flood gates and he’s unstoppable. Susan Collins and Lamar Alexander among others voted not to impeach him with the notion he would learn his lesson. Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator with enough character to listen to his conscience and tearfully voted against his party knowing the backlash he would receive which he did from Trump Sr. and Jr., a tongue lashing totally unworthy and unfair to him.

He also made a mockery of the World Day of Prayer breakfast when he said God wouldn’t like him because he (Trump) didn’t like people that didn’t like or didn’t agree with him. Especially Nancy Pelosi, whom he accused of lying when she said she didn’t hate anybody and prayed for the president every day. He needs to read Matthew Chapter 5. It’s doubtful he has much Bible knowledge when he said “2 Corinthians” instead of Second Corinthians.

Life is but a fleeting moment to sell one’s soul for eternity. Mr. Liar-In-Chief you won’t be able to lie your way into Heaven.

If you don’t like these excuses for “truth isn’t truth,” “alternative facts” or “all” politicians lie, please vote in the Democratic primary on March 3 and again in November to bring honesty, dignity, integrity to halt this frightful game of “Truth or Dare.”


Cheryl Barry


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