Ninety-six years ago, my grandfather, who served in the Navy in World War II, was born in Otter Tail County.  My grandpa frequently tells me stories of his childhood during the Great Depression where he had to ration lard for meals and huddle closely with his family to stay warm in the cold Minnesota winters when they lost heat in their home.  When I hear about the stories my grandpa tells me, I think about how important it is that all of our families have the right representation in Washington, D.C., to ensure our families are always looked out for and led by leaders who care through difficult times. 

That is why I support Republican Michelle Fischbach in the Minnesota primary on Aug. 11.  Michelle is a woman who understands families, understands the importance of fighting for prosperity and understands how to get things done. 

I told my grandpa about Michelle’s candidacy for Congress in Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional district, and my grandpa said to me: ‘Jennifer, if I could vote for her I would. You go help ensure we get her elected. We need her to represent us.’

Along with my grandpa, I ask you to vote for Michelle Fischbach on the Republican ballot for Congress on Aug. 11.


Paid for by Jennifer Carnahan.

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