You’ve heard this warning many times. We’ve been burning carbon-based fuels (gasoline, diesel and coal) for over a century now and it’s been great. Unfortunately, when they are burned they form carbon dioxide, an invisible odorless gas. It sounds innocent enough, but now, we have way too much in the atmosphere and are adding unsustainable amounts. This is causing the earth to warm and our climate to change. It’s happening slowly and easy to ignore, even when scientists all over the world tell us it will have serious consequences with much more unstable weather. This is not good news.

A friend gave an analogy.

Imagine you are on a bus with your family and friends. You’re barreling down a highway going 70 mph on a dark stormy night. The radio announcer comes on with an emergency warning. “Continued storms and a bridge is out ahead.” Amazingly, the bus driver turns off the radio and just keeps on driving. You think he will stop, but he doesn’t. You ask him to turn around and he says “Don’t worry, it’ll be OK, I’ll keep us on schedule.” Your granddaughter looks up and says, “Grandpa, Mom, do something.” Would you ignore her?

You can do something. Pick up the phone, write a letter, talk to your family and friends. Although well-intentioned, individual efforts will not be enough. Demand that your politician pass effective nationwide legislation to avoid the crisis ahead.


Michael Van Valkenburg

Fergus Falls

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