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Yes, you read that correctly and I did not misspell the word “neighbor.” Please let me explain. NABUR is a new social-media platform for newspaper readers that is exclusive to Wick Communications and the Daily Journal. 

NABUR stands for Neighborhood Alliance of Better Understanding and Respect and it will launch on Wednesday, July 7. It is a social-media site, similar to Facebook, however, it is limited to people within Fergus Falls and the lakes area, and run by the Daily Journal. It is free to anyone within the community and all you have to do is sign up just like you would if you were joining Facebook, only easier. The purpose of NABUR is to create a place where readers within the Lakes Area can ask questions, share what is going on in their neighborhoods and communicate with each another. In a nutshell, we want to know what topics you care about and what you think about them. Our goal is to be able to have civil conversations between neighbors about things that matter to them, that could be finding local garage sales or discussing the former Regional Treatment Center, etc. 

To make all this happen we have hired what we call a journalist product manager (JPM), and her name is Katie Schroeder and her job is to manage and moderate the website. I have personally known Katie for years since we hired her as a high school intern back when I was the publisher of the Wahpeton Daily News. She loved the job so much that she went to college and got her journalism degree. Having grown up in the Rothsay area she is very familiar with Fergus Falls and the lakes area and I cannot think of anyone better to lead this new endeavor for the Daily Journal. To help get the conversations started, Katie, has set up a community conversations survey to see what you want to talk about. You can find the survey on our website or our Facebook and we encourage you to participate. 

As the publisher of the Daily Journal I cannot think of a more exciting platform than having our very own social media website. I want to personally invite all of you to check it out and sign up starting on Wednesday, July 7. See you soon NABUR!

Ken Harty is the publisher of The Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

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