Well another new year is upon us. Already we have seen an abundance of headlines that have left a lot of us questioning whether 2020 will be better than 2019. It has been worrisome to say the least.

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I just got done shoveling. The weather was a crisp zero degrees. I did not have a winter hat on and I also did not wear winterized pants (don’t tell my mom...). After the hour of shoveling I got back to work and realized that my face and ears burned a little bit.

As I slide around the corner into my alley, I realize that one of the best and worst things about winter is driving. While the fun may be acting like you are in a car chase, hitting a turn, car sliding as you perfectly make it onto a street or pretending you are taking the Millennium Falcon …

Thanksgiving is usually a time for everyone to get together with their families, have a nice meal, watch some football and have a conversation about how they are going to do this exact thing again a month from now, but only with the added element of gifts. (I actually enjoy spending time wit…

As the temperature  continues to dip, as it does this time of year in Minnesota, I have found myself trying to regain the warm embrace of the sun. Despite having a “true Minnesotan” exterior, I really do dislike the winter. I don’t like having to warm up my car, shovel snow, wear boots and g…

Lately, there has been something on my mind — or should I say my face. The last few weeks I had been rocking a marginally sufficient beard. As someone who has been known to have a bit of a babyface, I decided to grow out my facial hair to see if I looked more mature. […]

For a lot of young football fans, the opportunity to compete on a professional football field is a dream of theirs. Who doesn’t remember going in the backyard setting up a scenario: A minute left, playing for your favorite team in the Super Bowl, down by five. You drop back looking for your receivers, but […]

In 2000, I walked on the levee field as a freshman football player. After playing the last two years in junior high, I was looking to leave a good impression with the coaches and show my passion for the game. Back then, the freshmen football team only practiced in the afternoon during two-a-days. Our head […]

Now that it’s the time of the year that scary movies, with pumpkins and falling leaves everywhere, a discussion went about the newsroom about watching 31 horror movies during the 31 days of October. The interesting thing wasn’t that some of us were going to attempt to do the feat, but what some of the […]

As a parent, don’t you sit back and wonder where time goes? It’s almost as if you are moving at regular speed and someone has hit fast forward on this portion of your life. I had one of these moments on Wednesday as my son celebrated his seventh birthday. He is 7. Seven years old. […]

While working this past week without our excellent graphic designer (she went on vacation to Hawaii…lucky), I decided to brighten up some people’s day by posting a funny picture of myself on Facebook. A former graphic designer at the paper superimposed my face on a famous painter (you may know the guy, he enjoys painting […]

Man, the last few weeks have been a constant surge of different projects and events that have seen me pulled every which way but loose. Life hasn’t been the easiest but I have managed and I am entering the final stage on my way to the end boss (video game reference). I hope to have […]

Can you believe that we are already in the second week of September? I sure can’t. As I sit here typing my column, I realized that there may not be anymore sunny, warm days the rest of the year. It continues to rain, I’m depressed about it and all I could think about is how […]

Recently in the news, there has been a lot of talk about contract holdouts in the National Football League. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon both were on “sabbatical” from their respective teams as they sought more “financial security” before the new season began. On Wednesday, Elliott […]

Recently I had to make a purchase. I can’t really say what I bought as it would be a giveaway to where this person works and I really don’t want to do that to a business. But after reflecting on the sales approach by the business’ salesperson, I don’t think that I will be shopping […]

So recently I sat down with my wife and a lawyer and drafted a will. Nothing too crazy or anything, but with two kids we thought that it would be a good idea to get some of our affairs in order. This way we are sure that our belongings and such get to the right […]

This past week I became a champion. As the offensive coordinator and line coach for the Fargo Invaders football team, we captured the Northern Elite Football League Championship. This moment was special for many reasons, one of which was the change midway through the season to have me call plays. After coaching over a decade […]

Last Friday I got to sit in the stands and watch my son compete in the Fergus Falls Parks & Recreation’s Big Friday tournament in T-ball. This was a stressful time for me (while my son seemed pretty content to give it his all) and I hoped for the best for my son. Man, I […]

My anxiety was high and I was very nervous. I was on a date with my wife and there was something that I had to get off my chest. It may have been one of the hardest things I have had to do in a while (which is saying a lot), but when I looked […]

As I left the paper tonight, I inhaled a big breath, hopped into my car and went to grab some dinner. The smell was the remnants of a fresh summer rain. The crisp, wet (if you can smell wetness) air was a nice change of pace to the humid, stuffy cloud that I had been […]

Well it only took 15 years, but we finally did it. Last weekend, the Fergus Falls Class of 2004 got together at the Eagles for our first reunion. With a class that graduated over 200 people, I was interested in seeing what old what’s his name is doing and how much each of us have […]

Recently, I had the opportunity to get all dressed up and experience one of the most amazing restaurants the state has to offer — Manny’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis. My wife and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary by traveling down to Minneapolis recently to enjoy a day in the city. As a sports and food fan, […]

Have you ever thought about having a superpower? Most of us would think of being one of the Avengers with some sort of neat ability. Maybe you could turn things into liquid, walk through walls or regenerate at an alarming rate. These would be all cool things to have super powers. I possess a power […]

Last week, we ran into an issue at football practice. We were short a few guys due to work and injury so I stepped in to play offensive guard during our team session. You want to know what — I think I still could play! In the beginning, a defensive lineman on our team did […]

Something that has been hammered home for me in sports over the years is the idea of overcoming adversity. A teammate goes down with an injury, a detour cuts into your pregame prep or your opponent moves your game time up to where it is nearly impossible to be at 100% are just a few […]

You know, you can learn a lot by going for a walk with someone? Or a car ride? Or a plane flight? The other day my daughter and I took a walk in our neighborhood to a park. I was on foot and she was pedaling and kick pushing a trike (when she really should […]

Yesterday I stepped into a different world. No, I did not find some interdimensional portal or reached a plain of higher enlightenment. I got up from my desk, put goggles on and went to the land of virtual reality for the first time. After completing our work for the evening, reporter Mat Holding Eagle and […]

It was cold! The water and ice ran down my back Saturday after getting doused with a cooler. I had just won my first game as a head football coach. Many of you know that I have been coaching football in the community for over a decade. Recently, I joined the Fargo Invaders, a semi-pro […]

Did you miss me? After a week hiatus from column writing, I have returned to my new permanent spot in the newspaper. I made the move to Friday’s to better accommodate our new column writer’s theme. Now on to the fun… . So, It has been over a week since the NFL draft and I […]

It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up. – Babe Ruth I have always thought of competition as a good thing. Growing up, having someone compete with you in a sport, school or just for fun usually made you work harder. If it’s in a sport, you train and practice to overtake whoever […]

Sitting down at my desk on Monday morning and looking through emails and preparing the week’s schedule, I was shocked to see on several websites Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris aflame. I was hoping that the report later would be that the fire had been extinguished with minimal damage and the pieces of the building […]

We have all had one of those days that didn’t go quite right. The ones that make you want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over your head. How do we get through those days? Someone very wise once told me “Because we have to.” That isn’t very reassuring. But yesterday I […]

Baseball season is in full swing (notice the pun there?) and for the first time in a while that I can actually say that I am excited for the season. The Twins have started out the season pretty well.  Despite a scare yesterday against the Kansas City Royals, this Twins team has impressed me. When […]

I decided to take a trip down memory lane this week and talk about something that I remember fondly — poker. I grew up during the televisation of no-limited Texas hold’em and the game grabbed my friends and I. I remember sitting at my friend Petey’s house with my other friend Al. Al pulled out […]

I recently recovered from an all-nighter. No, it is not the kind that you do in college, up late studying for a big exam. Nor was it hanging out with friends later into the wee hours of the morning. No, I was busy vacuuming water from my basement floor, into a shop vac and into […]

As an alum of Fergus Falls High School, it is exciting to see so many student-athletes have success this winter season. We have seen the girls’ hockey team, boys’ swimming and diving team, wrestling, girls’ bowling team and, now, the girls’ basketball team compete at a state tournament. These are exciting times for these athletes […]

This past weekend, I was preoccupied with about 100 different things from fixing a toilet, spending time with my mom, covering a sporting event, doing research and studying. I failed to realize that the annual NFL draft combine was taking place. Dubbed the “underwear Olympics” by some, the NFL draft combine is where college athletes […]

A few years back, I decided to jump into the modern generation and purchase a smartphone. My wife and I spoke about what our true needs were for having cellphones. Internet access and GPS, at the time, were not apart of those needs. When talking with the phone merchant, we explained that all we really […]

Before recent events that have blown open a cold-case in the Twin Cities, I had strongly thought about whether or not I should do one of those many DNA testing packages to find out my family lineage. As someone that is fairly certain that he is predominantly of Norwegian-ancestry, I am intrigued to find out […]

So today is Valentine’s Day. My wife and I really have never “celebrated” this holiday (one of us typically is working) and when we had the opportunity, we did not have the finances to do anything special. This is why small tokens, like flowers and candy, are a staple for us as a show of […]

As I began to work on the paper the other night, I put on a few tunes to listen to on YouTube. I started off with AC/DC (you know, something to get you “amped” about working). I just let the autoplay go as I went from page to page, piecing together the next edition. But […]

So, I woke up this morning thinking it was 2002. Or 2004. Or 2005. Or 2008. Or 2012. Or 2015. Or 2017. Or 2018. I felt like Bill Murray’s character Phil from “Groundhog Day.” It seemed that the day had repeated itself as I looked online for sports news — New England is in the […]

In the words of the immortal Deion Sanders “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” This isn’t the reason that I have been wearing more dress socks lately, but I think that it exemplifies what I am trying to accomplish with […]

Getting back to working out at a gym has got me excited about feeling positive results (I hope to see a few more after a couple of months). But one thing that I don’t miss about working out at a fitness facility is the lack of gym etiquette. In January, this is usually something I […]

So, I made a decision to try something new in December. I offered to help out a group that will see some of my expertise utilized during my off time. I am really excited for the opportunity and I believe that it will be a lot of fun. But as I started to dive more […]

I decided to write this column in advance (so if something changes, I apologize) as I am celebrating my birthday today. But while I am out enjoying my birthday, it makes me think about something else that is slowly approaching — my superficial, almost unrealistic, sometimes hysterical, New Year’s resolution. This year, I will once again […]

I think I might have to address the elephant in the room — I enjoy a good conspiracy. What I do want to make clear is that I don’t buy many that are in the public sphere. I am someone that enjoys the storytelling aspect of conspiracies and the mental effort that it takes to […]

I usually don’t feel panicked this time of year. There is always plenty of time and I can usually catch on to something and get it before anyone notices. If you are confused about what I am talking about, I am looking at the idea of Christmas shopping. As a father, I am always looking […]

So recently, I put myself in the middle of one of America’s biggest hot-button issues — the use of straws at restaurants. I know that the debate had been going on across the nation. Many have pushed to not have plastic straws given to patrons unless they ask for them. I never thought (mostly because […]

Recently, a disturbing trend has pushed its way further into our conscience. I don’t know if initially started by those excited for this time of year or the “evil” corporations and their greed (this is supposed to be humorous). But, when did we decide to skip over Thanksgiving and jump right to the holiday season […]

The Jimmy Butler saga is getting out of control. After watching his outstanding play against the Los Angeles Lakers, leading the Minnesota Timberwolves to victory. On Wednesday, Butler sat out the game with “general soreness” while teammate Derrick Rose looked every bit like the MVP-caliber player he was in Chicago as he scored 50 points […]

“Hey there, amigo!” … “Did you just say ‘Hey there, amigo?’ You were joking right?” “No…why?” “Well, the lyrics are ‘Hey, where did we go.’ ” “…really?” “Yep.” (silence) This funny exchange actually happened my senior year of high school. A friend and I were car karaoking on the way to a get together and […]

Well, I felt like a kid in a candy store last Friday as I walked into the movie theater. I had my popcorn in hand and a soda and was ready to feel fright, to feel suspense, to be elated. When the credits rolled, I walked out satisfied. On Oct. 19, I went and saw […]

So lately, I have been feeling pretty bummed out. Things really haven’t been falling my way as of late (or maybe I have just accentuated the negatives) and it has really been taking a toll on my mood. But like the old saying goes “as one door closes, another one opens… .” As I sat […]

Living in Minnesota can be a challenge. Waking up in the morning and brushing the snow off your car and warming it up to go to work, swatting at the millions of mosquitoes to enjoy a sunset by the lake, and rooting for sports teams that seem to break your heart every year. But on […]

Impressive. That is all I can say when glancing at actor Mark Wahlberg’s “typical” daily schedule. The schedule begins at 2:30 a.m. and Wahlberg goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. He gets more done before 8 a.m. then most. Could I do this schedule? I think my schedule currently is pretty crazy, but the amount […]

Working through sickness isn’t fun. I can’t recall how many times I have had to roll into work, sore throat, nose running, eyes burning and body feeling weak to put out the paper. So, when I sat down at the desk today to start another layout session, it hit me. Last year, I was lucky […]

I’m a hard, hard workin’ man I got it all on the line For a peace of the promised land I’m burnin’ my candle at both ends ‘Bout the only way to keep the fire goin’ Is to outrun the wind — Brooks N’ Dunn, “Hard Workin’ Man” I usually don’t kick off my column […]

Last week my son started kindergarten. His mother and I were cautiously optimistic that everything was going to go right the first day. We anticipated a few hiccups along the way but believed that his time in preschool prepared him for interactions with teachers, staff and other students a full day. But as I saw […]