Marc Horikoshi

Underwood single-sport athlete Marc Horikoshi is confident that despite some early-season hiccups for the boys’ basketball team, the fabric that binds them together will be enough to get the Rockets moving in the right direction come playoff time.


Parents: Maria and Ted Mayer.

Field of study: Digital photography or graphic arts.

Plans after graduation: Work then college.

Sport: Basketball.

Hobbies: Drawing, gaming.


Q: How do you feel the basketball season is going?

A: I think it’s going pretty rough but I can say that we can make it through because we’re a family.

Q: What’s been the biggest hurdle to on-court success this year?

A: Probably our offense, we try to make shots but they just don’t go in. Other teams know that we have great shooters and they know who to lockdown.

Q: One memory from your basketball career that stands out more than others?

A: When one of our teammates — he graduated — got hit in the head by a knee and he got concussed for a week or two against CBG, and it was a memorable game because all of us rallied together and tried our best to win but we were down by like five or four points. 

Q: What do you see for the future of the program after you graduate?

A: Our young Rockets are really doing great so I think that they can change the future of this basketball team for the better.

Q: As a basketball player how would you like to be remembered as a Rocket?

A: As an athlete who makes his teammates smile.   


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