Canaan Kugler

Underwood multisport athlete Canaan Kugler is a selfless player who ranks one of his fondest memories in sports as a selfless act he did to help a teammate hit the 1,000th-point mark. While the boys’ basketball team got off to a rough start this year Canaan is confident they’ll rebound in time for the postseason. 


Parents: Jeff and Sue Kugler.

Field of study: Business management

Plans after graduation: Central Lakes College

Sport: Basketball, golf.

Hobbies: Golf, swimming/bridge jumping.


Q: How do you feel the basketball season has been going to this point?

A: It’s been rough but I feel like the wins are going to come with hard work and dedication.

Q: What’s been the biggest obstacle standing in the way of success?

A: Offensively we need to do better.

Q: What do you see for the future of the program after you graduate?

A: We have a lot of young kids coming up, there’s a lot of elementary guys that are looking really good and that’s going to be a fun program to watch. I’m definitely going to come back and watch them because they’re going to be good.

Q: Do you have one memory from your sports career that stands out more than others?

A: Assisting Brody Rocholl’s 1,000th point. 

Q: What was that experience like?

A: Pretty cool, when I was in like seventh grade one of my goals was just to play on the court with Brody Rocholl and then I didn’t think it was going to happen but it did.

Q: As an athlete how would you like to be remembered here at Underwood?

A: I want to be remembered for working hard and giving it my all.

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