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Educating goals: West Central Area golfer Emily Courrier, daughter of Kent and Melanie Courrier, has plans to attend M State next year for elementary education.

West Central Area golfer Emily Courrier has plans to continue golfing well after she’s done competing for the Knights. Drawn to the sport by its ease of accessibility throughout one’s lifetime Courrier also has a passion for theatre which she plans to carry into post-high-school life as well.

I met with Courrier and talked to her about her plans after high school, what she enjoys about theatre and how her senior year of golf is going so far.

Q: What sports do you play here for WCA?

A: Just golf.

Q: Do you have plans for after high school?

A: Yes, I plan on graduating and I’m attending M State in Fergus Falls for elementary ed.

Q: Will you continue to golf after high school?

A: Probably … yeah.

Q: How did you decide on M State?

A: Well, I toured Morris and M State and why I chose M State was because it seemed smaller and convenient because my mom works in Fergus (Falls) near campus. So I’d commute with her most of the time because I’ll be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Q: What influenced your decision to pursue a career in education?

A: I work really well with young kids and I like it.

Q: How is your senior year of golf going?

A: It’s going really good. My scores have been improving a lot from last year.

Q: When did you begin golfing?

A: My dad likes to golf so I got started from him and I’ve been in golf since seventh grade.

Q: What do you like about the sport of golf?

A: It’s a game that you can play your whole life.

Q: What do you enjoy about being a student at West Central Area Secondary?

A: I like being a student here because I have lots of good friends and all the teachers are good here.

Q: Do you have hobbies that you enjoy doing outside of golf?

A: I like acting in Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre plays, gardening, reading and hanging out with friends.

Q: You’re an actress?

A: Yes.

Q: How many plays have you done with the children’s theatre?

A: I’ve done maybe a dozen of them because I started when I was young.

Q: What draws you to the theatre?

A: It’s fun to do and you can meet new friends.

Q: With golf being an individual sport where all the attention is on you and theatre more of the same as far as people’s focus, how do you deal with those types of pressures?

A: I think it’s fine, I mean I don’t always get the bigger roles so … .

Q: What are you looking forward to with your upcoming graduation?

A: Well, I really like high school and school so I’m not ready to be done with it yet.

Q: Is there a memory from high school that you’re particularly fond of?

A: I really enjoyed being in one act play the last couple of years.

Q: For those that don’t know what is one act play?

A: One act play is a play that is timed, so it has to be like 35 to 40 minutes or so and when it comes competition time there are judges that are critiquing us on performance and blocking and all that stuff for theatre.

Q: Is there a full cast?

A: Yeah, like this year we had 14 or 15 in our one-act cast so we had a pretty good cast this year.

Q: Who decides what play will be performed, do the members, is there a vote?

A: No we don’t. The director, which is Chris Ray, decides on parts and what we’re doing.

Q: Will you continue to act in college?

A: Yes.

Q: What has golf taught you?

A: Short game is key and it’s a sport that you can play all your life.


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