Noah Osborn

With the Fergus Falls boys’ swimming season kicking off Saturday at the Kennedy Secondary School pool at 11 a.m., single-sport athlete Noah Osborn is primed to compete, bringing with him years of experience he intends to harness in a bid to outpace the competition.


Parents: Chris Osborn and Amie Joyce

Sport(s): Swimming.

Plans after graduation: College (undecided).

Field of study: Biology.

Hobbies: Socializing, playing on the computer.


Q: As the swim team ramps up to start the season what are your early impressions?

A: It’s going pretty good. Mr. (Randy) Hansen is having us do quite a bit but we’re getting in good shape and we have our first meet coming up this Saturday which I’m pretty excited for.

Q: What has swimming taught you?

A: Teamwork, I think it’s been a really big thing and getting to know a bunch of people, it’s been pretty cool to do that the past few years.

Q: What’s one memory from your swimming career that stands out more than others?

A: Probably the positiveness of just getting together with the team and getting to hang out with a bunch of people was fun, those are things that I’m going to remember.

Q: As an athlete how would you like to be remembered here at Fergus Falls?

A: I’d like to remember as someone who put in as much effort as they could every day and tried to be the best they could at the sport.


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