Closing out the season: Otter Tail Central baseball players Dylan Trana (left to right), Daxton Olson, Cole Brandner, Andy Weniger and Drake Larsen showcase awards.

The Otter Tail Central baseball team had quite the weekend hosted by Stalker Lake Golf Course.  To start the weekend the baseball boosters held a 4 person scramble in which Stalker Lake Golf Course hosted 10 teams.  Throughout the scramble there were various events in order to raise proceeds for the baseball teams at Otter Tail Central.  On hole 1 was an opportunity to hit your ball with a baseball bat and enter the ‘Longest Drive’ Competition.  The Longest Drive Competition was won by Jason Rogers, teacher and coach of Underwood.  On hole 3 there was a 50/50 raffle drawing, in which players could pay to play, if you landed your ball on the Green you would enter a drawing for half the pot, that was won by TJ Pelanek of Underwood.  Another competition that was hosted was won by Kellen Shebeck of Underwood, Kellen won the Longest Putt Competition.

Saturday night Stalker Lake Golf Course hosted another fundraising event for the Baseball teams of OTC, as they entertained an Electronic Horse Racing event.  The event saw many people come and cheer on their pull-tab race horses along with several cash raffles.

“This is the second year we have hosted the golf plus horse racing events,” OTC head coach Ryan Hendrickson said. “Both are a great time that invites our baseball enthusiasts for a chance at some great prizes and gives the opportunity to support our Summer Baseball Programs.  I am very thankful for the people that hosted and showed their support at these events.”

Sunday was for the team awards banquet at Stalker Lake Golf Course where the owners, Randy and Sherri Swonger, invited the baseball team to their course to golf for free before hosting the banquet.  “Like I said, I am very thankful for Randy and Sherri for, not only hosting us, but giving our boys an opportunity to golf with their families and enjoy just a little more time together as Spring ends and Summer begins.  Our baseball commitments take our boys from their families a lot, this is a nice way to get them back out and enjoy a day together.”

After the family golf outing all the players and families went inside for their awards banquet where JV Coach Evan Meece and Head Coach Ryan Hendrickson were able to give credit, thanks, and praise to their players and families of OTC Baseball.


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