New track

Youth BMXers prepare for the start of the race. I-94 BMX in Fergus Falls will move its track to Delagoon Park after approval by the Fergus Falls City Council Monday.

With access to the Central Lakes Trail, fishing, camping and hosting sporting events, Delagoon Park is a honeycomb of recreation in Fergus Falls. In early April it was announced that the park’s hive would grow by one following the city council’s unanimous decision to allow I-94 BMX to begin construction on a new track as the organization moves from the I-94 Speedway grounds to a location within the park.

The move comes after the current lease with I-94 Speedway expired.

“They decided that they needed the area and so we needed to find a new home,” I-94 BMX board treasurer, Cassie Dillon said. “Between our board members and asking around — connections — the city said they had a possible place for us to move to.”

Currently, I-94 BMX plans to begin construction within the next week or two with the goal to have everything completed and ready by the end of June dependent on several variables including weather.

Dillon said that while they don’t have a firm number on how much everything will cost the city’s budget is already in place for the year so funding the project will fall mainly on I-94 BMX.

“The city is open to possibly helping but not a guarantee,” Dillon said.

While I-94 BMX has money set aside for some of the move, it can’t cover the full cost and is brainstorming ways to raise the rest.  

Despite distancing itself from I-94 Speedway, I-94 BMX has no plans to rebrand and sees the upcoming move as an opportunity to grow.

“Our board feels that we will get more attention, I-94 BMX will be more visible, I think more kids will be curious and try out BMX,” Dillon said. “It’s a better place for us, more convenient.”

As for how this race season will play out, Dillon said much like other sports organizations I-94 BMX is taking a wait-and-see approach in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We typically race two nights a week and we get anywhere from 30 to 40 riders per night, and then we do host a big state event where we get close to 400 riders,” Dillon said.

For anyone interested in helping I-94 BMX reach its goal donations can be mailed or dropped off at Bell Bank (205 W. Washington Ave.) in Fergus Falls.

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