The Fergus Falls Squirt C hockey team played their first travel game of the season Saturday against the Prairie Centre Northstars in Sauk Centre. The Squirt C team Saturday consisted of 16 players with coaches Mathew Cederberg and Thomas Cederberg. During the first period of the game the Otters scored three goals, the first goal by player Corban Proffit, the second goal by Aadreyan Lopez and the third goal also by Lopez assisted by Brody Nelson and Keaton Babolian. The second period consisted of four goals by the Otters, the first goal by Bobby Baker assisted by Lopez and Cohan Mannie. A second goal by Babolian and the last goals of the second period by Nelson scoring two goals with assist by Babolian. The third period consisted of 3 goals, the first goal by Profit. The second goal by Mannie with assist from Baker and the third goal also by Corban Profit with assist by Parker Kantrud. The total score from the game was Fergus Falls Otters 10 and the Prairie Centre Northstars 6.

Sunday, the Fergus Falls Squirt C Otters played the Fargo Freeze B Gold team here at the Fergus Falls Community Ice Arena. The Otters started the first period with two goals, the first by Nelson with assist from Babolian and the second goal by Lopez with assist by Kantrud. The second period Nelson scored a goal with assist by Babolian and the third period Lopez scored the fourth goal of the game. Otter goalie Cullen Alt had 25 saves during the game.  The Otters and the Fargo Freeze ended the game with a 4-4 score and went into a five-minute overtime in which no goals were scored ending the game to a tie score of four goals for Fargo Freeze and four goals for Fergus Falls Otters.  

The Fergus Falls Squirt C Otters are sponsored by Minnesota Motor Company. 

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