After an emotionally fruitful homecoming last week, Hillcrest Lutheran Academy multisport athlete Ethan Ness prepares for the final leg of soccer before postseason play begins. Armed with a jovial attitude and great sense of humor Ness is able to get teammates to focused on a common goal despite individual differences.

Parents: Steve and Salina Ness.

Sport(s): Soccer, basketball.

After graduation: NDSU.

Field of study: Nursing.

Hobbies: Gaming, hunting.

Q: Last week was homecoming for Hillcrest, as a senior what were your thoughts?

A: It was fun, definitely a good last homecoming. All the games against the different schools was pretty fun and I enjoyed the dress-up days and stuff like that.

Q: How do you prepare yourself mentally to compete in endurance competitions?

A: I normally listen to some hype-up music and get ready to play. I don’t do anything specific I just know what needs to be done and do it.

Q: What have you learned from participating in sports?

A: It’s taught me how to play as a team and work with other people even if you don’t necessarily agree with them, and just have good interpersonal skills with other people even if you don’t get along with them.

Q: What do you consider the highlight of your sporting career to be?

A: In overtime this year against Detroit Lakes we were tied 3-3 and our defense held them and in overtime we ended up scoring two goals and winning.

Q: What advice can you share with young athletes?

A: Keep your head up, keep going, sometimes it can get discouraging and hard but stick with it because it’ll be worth it in the end.


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