Whether leading a pep rally as a host or defending the net from would-be scorers, Hillcrest multisport athlete Juliana Undseth puts in double time as a student-athlete for the Comets.

Parents: Steve and Lois Undseth

Sport(s): Soccer (goalie), softball

Plans after graduation: Undecided.

Field of study: Possibly English.

Hobbies: Reading, musical instruments, drama club

Q: Hillcrest’s homecoming was recent, how did that experience change for you from freshman to senior year?

A: As seniors, we definitely get really into it and enjoy participating in all the activities. Even if we don’t win the homecoming activities it’s fun to lead the school in enjoying that and going to all the events. The games are fun.

Q: Did seniors win the powderpuff game?

A: No we did not (laughs).

Q: What do you do pregame to prepare yourself mentally?

A: Before every game I have to think about exactly how I want to play that game, as a goalie especially, whether the team’s going to be aggressive or not, whether I’m going to be aggressive in return or that kind of thing. As a Christian, I definitely have to “OK, Lord help me to play this game,” because he gives me the ability to play this sport, so I think about that as well, and then how to practically apply that to the game as well.

Q: What have you learned from sports?

A: Perseverance through pain even when you don’t want to be out on the field or if you do when it’s hard to breathe, you have to keep running. Or when it’s a mentally challenging like softball, instead of physically challenging you have to stay focused, even when it’s getting boring or something. You have to be prepared for the next step.

Q: What do you consider the highlight to your sports career to be this far?

A: I’m not a stellar athlete, I didn’t set any records or anything but I really enjoy just being part of the team and supporting my teammates.

Q: What advice do you have for young athletes?

A: Keep at it, don’t give up, if you’re not getting the position you want, keep working at it and enjoy where you’re at now. It’s good to be ambitious but also content with where you are.


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