Hillcrest Lutheran Academy’s Molly McGuire is a selfless multisport athlete who gets as much satisfaction from contributing to teammates reaching sporting milestones as reaching them herself. As a competitor, McGuire is often the glue that binds her teams together.

Parents: Matthew and Tasha McGuire.

Sport(s): Volleyball, basketball and possibly golf.

Plans after graduation: College in Colorado.

Field of study: Occupational therapy

Hobbies: Music, being with friends.

Q: Being that last week was homecoming, how has that process differed from when you were a freshman to now?

A: It’s so different, freshman year you kind of go into it a little scared and nervous about how you’re going to do but senior year we really went all in and did our best as a class and that was really fun.

Q: How do you prepare to get mentally focused before a match?

A: I like to talk things out with my parents and my siblings before games or after practice, but I like to listen to music and talk to my best friend Amanda just to get the giggles out and then get serious.

Q: What have you learned from sports?

A: Sports have taught me a lot of things, how to be a role model on the floor and not let temper or anything get in the way of that, but to always be reflecting Christ, especially at Hillcrest. And also to do everything well.

Q: What do you consider the highlight of your sports career to be so far?

A: When one of my really close friends Olivia Foss scored her 1,000th point. That was really cool as a team to be there and watch her shoot the last free throw and get it at 1,000 and all the team just hug her and be so proud of her.

Q: What advice do you have for young athletes?

A: Don’t let it be your life because it’s not your identity, don’t put your identity in that but let it be fun, and do it well of course, but let it be fun and enjoy your time because it only lasts so long.


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