BARRETT — The West Central Area/Ashby/Brandon-Evansville wrestling team claimed a sweep over Crookston (45-29) and Benson (63-14) Tuesday.

Carter Lohse (106 pounds), Reubens Swanson (145), Anthony Sykora (152), Kade Olson (160), Colton Lindquist (220, 285) each picked up two wins in the meet.

The Knights will now travel to Battle Lake for a dual against Otter Tail Central at 7:15 p.m. Thursday.


West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville (WCAA) 45, Crookston (CROO) 29

106: Carter Lohse (WCAA) over   (CROO) (For.) 113: Nolan Dans (CROO) over Mason Richter (WCAA) (Fall 4:40) 120: Carter Coauette (CROO) over Adam  Lohse (WCAA) (Dec 5-0) 126: Ethan Bowman (CROO) over Solomon Wales (WCAA) (MD 9-0) 132: Zach Brown (CROO) over Grant Lindquist (WCAA) (Fall 1:01) 138: Cameron Weiland (CROO) over Ashton  Danner (WCAA) (Fall 4:47) 145: Reubens Swanson (WCAA) over Braxton Volker (CROO) (Fall 2:14) 152: Anthony  Sykora (WCAA) over Spencer Ness (CROO) (Fall 0:18) 160: Kade Olson (WCAA) over Hunter Knutson (CROO) (Dec 6-0) 170: Jordan Lohse (WCAA) over Cade Coauette (CROO) (Fall 0:34) 182: Beau  Robinson (WCAA) over Cade Deleon (CROO) (Fall 2:24) 195: Ethan Boll (CROO) over Nathaniel Kisgen (WCAA) (MD 13-3) 220: Colton  Lindquist (WCAA) over Layten Fuentes (CROO) (Fall 1:03) 285: Justin  Blascyk (WCAA) over Hunter Kresl (CROO) (Fall 3:14)


West Central Area-Ashby-Brandon-Evansville (WCAA) 63, Benson (BENS) 14

106: Carter Lohse (WCAA) over Max  Nygaard (BENS) (Fall 1:19) 113: Mason Richter (WCAA) over   (BENS) (For.) 120: Adam  Lohse (WCAA) over   (BENS) (For.) 126: Solomon Wales (WCAA) over   (BENS) (For.) 132: Grant Lindquist (WCAA) over Colby Hogrefe (BENS) (Dec 11-4) 138: Ashton  Danner (WCAA) over Preston Mcgee (BENS) (Fall 2:38) 145: Reubens Swanson (WCAA) over Nick  Bolduc (BENS) (Fall 1:37) 152: Anthony  Sykora (WCAA) over Adam  Koosman (BENS) (Fall 4:42) 160: Kade Olson (WCAA) over   (BENS) (For.) 170: Adam Zosel (BENS) over Trent Koloski (WCAA) (Fall 1:07) 182: Nathaniel Kisgen (WCAA) over John Doe (BENS) (Fall 0:12) 195: Thomas Dineen (BENS) over Beau  Robinson (WCAA) (TF 23-8 0:00) 220: Alden Syltie (BENS) over Justin  Blascyk (WCAA) (Dec 4-0) 285: Colton  Lindquist (WCAA) over   (BENS) (For.)

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