The Otter Tail Central Bulldog wrestling team won the last four meets of the regular season and finished third at the tough Park Region COnference Invitational held at Long Prairie. 

The Bulldogs finished the regular season 5-2, losing a close match to No. 4 ranked Class AA Perham and losing to the defending Class A state champs and No. 1 ranked LPGE/BR. 

Bulldogs Zane Swanson was a PRC individual champ.  Laredo Bugbee and Hayden Hart were runner-ups as the Bulldogs finished third at the PRC Invite, right behind rival WCA. OTC also placed 13 out of 14 wrestlers, with a lot of the wrestlers finishing well on a very tough week. 

Up next for the Bulldogs is the Section 6A team tournament. First match will be Tuesday Feb. 11 at Underwood. The final four will also be held in Underwood on Friday, Feb. 14. 

OTC results at Park Region

Conference Invitational

106 6th Kolby Peters (OTC) defeated by Aaron Lake (UNC) fall 2:28, defeated Taplin (OS) fall 4:19, defeated y Hunter Gruchow (WCA) fall 4:35, defeated by Micheal Zimmerman (RU) 2-8 

113 4th Cody Jacobs (OTC) defeated Adam Lohse (WCA) fall 3:17, defeated by Etan Hendrickson (UNC) 2-17, defeated Chris Yoder (NYM) 8-6, defeated by Cael Lorentz (LPGE/BR)fall :47 

120 2nd Laredo Bugbee (OTC) defeated Will Gorecki (RU) fall 5:16, defeated by Justin Crandall (LPGE/BR) fall :57

126 6th Brien Poser (OTC) defeated Reese Thompson (BHVPP) fall 1:02, defeated by Carter Meiners (LPGE/BR) 0-7, defeated by Hunter Skaro (UNC) 7-13, defeated by Reese Thompson (UNC) fall 3:47

132 2nd Hayden Hart (OTC) defeated Justin Koehn (BHVPP) fall :32, defeated  Nathan Kulzar (OS) 8-5, defeated by Landon Gode (LPGE/BR) 1-9

138 5th Reed Leabo(OTC) defeated by Jacob Guck (NYM) fall 5:46, defeated Kody Endres (WDC) fall 3:35, defeated by Anthony Sykora (WCA) 2-8, defeated Jacob Guck (NYM) fall 2:56

145 DNP Jaxon Rich (OTC) defeated by Nye Becker (LPGE/BR) fall 3:39, defeated by Kade Olson (WCA) 0-5 

152 3rd Matt Hendricks (OTC) Logan Small (NYM) 7-3, defeated by Jordan Lohse (WCA) 2-5, defeated Brayden Conrad (RU) 5-2, defeated Brock Peterson (BHVPP) fall :39

160 6th Nik Gardin (OTC) defeated Mason Schoeder (BHVPP) 13-5, defeated by Dakota Meech 1-3, defeated by Bret Duncan (WCA) fall :57, defeated by Riley Thom (LPGE) 0-1

170 3rd Tristen Evavold (OTC) defeated by Vince Dailey (UNC) fall 1:50 defeated Aidan Olson (RU) 10-5, defeated Bergen Pesta (LPGEPP) fall 2:57 

182 6th Will Ehlert (OTC) defeated Torrey Carlson (UNC) fall 2:54, defeated Tyler Eggert (BHVPP) fall 2:33, defeated by Colton Lindquist (WCA) 0-3, defeated by Austin Wensman (RU) 5-7 OT 

195 1st Zane Swanson (OTC) defeated Deklin Goeden (WCA) f all :59, defeated Elliot Mann (NYM) 7-0

220 6th Murphy Despard (OTC) defeated by Levi Line (LPGE/BR) fall 1:04, defeated Braeden Peterson (NYM) fall 2:35, defeated by Logan Wegscheid (WDC) fall 2:00 defeated by Justin Blascyk (WCA) 0-5 

285 2nd Cian Buehler (OTC) defeated by Mason Novitski (RU) fall 1:51, defeated Trey Lancaster (LPGE/BR) fall 4:57 

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