Otter Tail Central wrestlers Logan Schleske (eighth), Cian Buehler (second), Place Hayden Hart (fifth) each placed at the Big Bear Tournament over the weekend. 

CASS LAKE — The Otter Tail Central Bulldog wrestling team competed in the 41-team Big Bear Invitational held at Cass Lake High School Dec. 20-21.

Three Bulldog wrestlers placed in the top eight. Hayden Hart went 6-2 with a fifth-place finish. Logan Schleske placed eighth with a 3-3 record, and Cian Buehler was runner-up as he went 4-1. Other wrestlers with wins at Big Bear were Kalen Kraft, Laredo Bugbee, Reed Leabo, Matt Hendricks, Jaxon Rich, Nik Gardin, Noah Schleske, Tristan Evavold, Zane Swanson, Chase Janu and Murphy Despard.

Up next for the Bulldogs will be the Jaguar Invitational held at the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa High School on Friday, Jan. 3.


OTC individual results

113: Kolby Peters (OTC) defeated by Hunter Gruchow (WCA) fall 2:30, defeated by Dallas Walton (MAHACA) fall 5:40, defeated by Max Trumpold (PLPRB) fall 5:00.

113: Brandt Malone (OTC) defeated by Dallas Walton (MAHACA) fall :25,

defeated by Grant Pierce (HUTCH) fall :45, defeated by Chris Yoder (NYM) 2-4.

120: Kalen Kraft (OTC) defeated Gabe Ridlon (CI) 17-2, defeated by Justin Crandall (LPGE/BROW) fall 4:52, defeated Callen Whitney (PLPRB) fall 4:42, defeated Nolan Campbell (VA) fall :19, defeated by Carson Wold (DL) fall :40.

126: Laredo Bugbee (OTC) defeated Grant Thompson (PLPRB) fall 4:20, defeated by Dustin Schmitt (BL) 2-14 defeated Gunner Sundan (RLCC) fall 1:59, defeated by Colton Pool (ER) fall4:18.

132: Hayden Hart (OTC) defeated Greg Weirers (SC) 8-5, defeated by Garrett Undeberg (BGBMR) 2-3, defeated Griffin Lundeen (ER) fall :31, defeated Dylan Rose (MAHACA) 10-2, defeated Connor Gmahl (MORA) fall 2:49, defeated by Tyler Jensen (BBE) 2-7, defeated Griffin Lundeen (TRF) fall :38, defeated Marshall Michienzi (DR) 7-6.

138: Login Schleske (OTC) defeated Camdon Kron (HUTCH) fall 1:17, defeated Jacob Guck (NYM) fall 3:36, defeated by Blaine Fischer (BBE) 3-12, defeated Evan Koering (PLPRB) fall 3:59, defeated by Maximus Hanson (BBE) fall 4:34, defeated by Cody Wienen (TRF) 2-5.

145: Reed Leabo defeated by Payton (Jepson (HUTCH) 15-17, defeated Jacob Burress (VA) fall 1:28, defeated by Hunter Hichens (FB) fall 2:29. 

152: Matt Hendricks (OTC) defeated Logan Small (NYM) 10-8, defeated Jake Klancher (CI) 9-6, defeated by Jake Davis (TRF) 3-12, defeated by Dane Schoenborn (FOBA) fall :37.

152: Jaxon Rich (OTC) defeated by Jordan Lohse (WCA) fall 4:22, defeated Cale Abraham (DL) 6-9, defeated Dustin Rock (MW) fall 1:37.

160: Nik Gardin (OTC) Hunter Tate (Albany) 9-6, defeated Thomas Hagen ( HIB) fall 4:20, defeated by Carter Schmidt (DGF) 2-12, defeated by Bren Salo (NYM) 0-1.

170: Noah Schleske (OTC) defeated Luca Oliphant (FF) fall 4:47, defeated Evan Young (BE) 4-2, defeated by Tristyn Fergusson (RLCC) fall 5:38, defeated Nathaniel Kisgen (WCA) 3-10.

170: Tristen Evavold (OTC) defeated by Mason Schoeder (BHV) 2-6,  defeated Domonick Holcomb (NKG) fall :44, defeated by Kolbie Booker (ASHS) fall :42 defeated Cody Barthel (NYM) fall 1:47.

182: Zane Swanson (OTC) defeated Anthony Mendelkoch (Hibb), defeated Kaleb Pesta (LPGE/BROW) 3-0, defeated Tristan Hill (PR) fall :37, defeated by Gideon Ervasti (BHVPP) 6-9, defeated by Ethan Boll (CRK) 1-2.

195: Chase Janu (OTC) defeated by Brandon Schegel (Pierz) fall 5:59, defeated by Tyler Eggert (BHVPP) fall 4:35, defeated Nathan Rankin (MW) 11-1.

220: Murphy Despard (OTC) defeated by Jordan Skadsem (DL) fall 3:05, defeated Jacob Adrian (Albany) 5-3, defeated by Hunter Carnell (PR) fall :53.

285: Cian Buehler (OTC) defeated Sawyer Wedde (NYM) fall 2:15, defeated Andreas Barnett (DL) fall 4:30, defeated Dustin Portales (FF) 2-1, defeated Jakob Swalla (MW) 3-

2, defeated by Craig Orlando (BHVPP) fall 4:16.


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