Students enrolled in the DNR Firearm Safety Class in Underwood completed their final class this month. With eight volunteer instructors assisting the class, the students were very well taught! There were over 100 years of experience between the instructors! Instructors included Tony Rondo, Gary Forsberg, Wade Erickson, Greg Kugler, Dustin Kitzmann, Chuck Kitzmann, and DNR Officer Troy Richards. Students who are now certified in safety include Lucas Weber, Jacob Fronning, Dylan Geisler, Levi Resigner, Griffin Bond, Gabe Lindstrom, Colton Shjerve, Kenny Vogel, Breidyn Holberg, Alexus Knacks, Brynna Peterson, Karlie Petersen, Addiso Lanoue, Liv Erickson, Holly Bond and Gabe Smedsrud.


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