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Spring crappie fishing myths

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For many local anglers, the first fishing outing of the year will be to try their luck at some spring crappie fishing. The weather patterns this spring have been inconsistent, with a lot of cold fronts. The next period of extended warm weather that we receive will mean one thing. The remaining ice will melt and the sun’s rays will quickly warm up the water temperatures in our area lakes’ shallow, muddy-bottomed bays. The crappies in our lakes will migrate into those bays and the anglers will follow. Fisheries biologists at the Fergus Falls DNR Fisheries office often receive comments from concerned anglers and lakeshore owners this time of year about anglers harvesting crappies from their spawning beds in these bays. Comments often include posting these bays to no fishing or limiting the number of crappies harvested. The DNR’s long-term crappie population data from area lakes indicates that there is no biological justification for restricting angling opportunities this time of year and that the amount of crappie harvest that occurs in these bays is not having a negative biological impact.

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