Emma Abrahamson

With Hillcrest Comets multisport athlete Emma Abrahamson having completed both her senior seasons of soccer and volleyball under one of the most difficult times in recent memory because of COVID, she said once the seasons got going the onfield action wasn’t affected too much by all the distractions. Hailing from the East Coast Abrahamson said family time is very important to her.

Q: How do you feel your sports seasons went overall?

A: The seasons were really good. COVID didn’t have too much of an impact, especially soccer as it was outside and we didn’t really have to wear masks. The season was shortened but most of it was normal.

Q: How did the late start to the season affect you?

A: The late start didn’t really have too much of an impact, we didn’t get quite as much conditioning in but we recovered from that.

Q: What did you do during quarantine to pass the time?

A: I live in Connecticut so I went back home and there was a lot of outdoor time and time spent with family and doing online school.

Q: As an athlete here at Hillcrest how would you like to be remembered?

A: I’d like to be remembered as someone who led by example, encouraged others and always gave 100% on and off the field.

Q: What advice can you share with young athletes that you’ve learned?

A: Never give up because you’re not going to remember the moments where you’re not giving 100%, you’re going to remember the moments that you’re trying your hardest and making memories of just doing your best.

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