Joey Kupfer

Underwood multisport athlete Joey Kupfer, son of Rob and Stacy, ranks the Rockets’ last state appearance in football and multiple state appearances at state in Babe Ruth baseball as accomplishments in his sports career that stand out to him. After a year layoff in response to COVID guidelines for spring sports Joey is once again poised to take the diamond for a shot at redemption and the chance to change many question marks from the previous season to periods.

Q: How do you feel the sports seasons you’ve participated in went?

A: Well, football, I think we did fairly well, I don’t remember the record exactly. I think we could’ve done a little better but I think it went OK because we had a lot of younger kids, we had a lot of young kids, the season didn’t go too well, we like eighth-graders playing so … they have good potential.

Q: How did the later start to the seasons affect you?

A: Football it definitely affected us because we had less time to condition ourselves, especially when we had to wear masks. We had like two or three less weeks and usually the first two weeks before school starts were two-hour practices and conditioning or three-hour practices, whatever. We didn’t get as much conditioning this year.

Q: So if you if the football season started like it traditionally does you feel things would have been different? 

A: I think we could have done better if we had more time to prepare before all the games started.

Q: What did you do during the COVID quarantine to stay busy?

A: I’d go out for jogs, go to the gym and stuff, I didn’t do much, went outside, ice fishing a lot, walked around, ran.

Q: How would you like to be remembered as an athlete here at Underwood?

A: Very hard working. Tried the best I could be and I balanced school and whatever sports and had a good combination of them both so I’m not failing my classes but I’m able to participate, tried by best in both. 

Q: What advice can you share with younger athletes?

A: Try your best and be confident in yourself. Help the younger people below you once your older.

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