Libby Nelson

Multisport athlete Libby Nelson, daughter of Dan and Nancy, splits her time competing in sports between Underwood, for volleyball and Otter Tail Central, for track. At the time the Daily Journal caught up with Libby the track season had yet to start but already Libby was being met with challenges to overcome.

Q: How do you feel the volleyball season went?

A: Volleyball was different, very different, for a while we thought there was going to be no fans — there was very few fans — which is very strange because a lot of times there is such a huge fan presence and a lot of student fans, and there were little to none this year so that was different. Our season ended early, we had no postseason because we were all sent home on a quarantine and so it kind of felt like there was no closure on the season but I think what we did is, we worked hard and we played hard.

Q: What have been some of the challenges of this season’s track season?

A: We started late our first week of practice, I was sent home, I know one of my other senior athlete’s friends was sent home for two weeks, so yesterday was my second practice and I started two weeks ago. I think that’s been a challenge and since we partner with Battle Lake and Henning it’s a little bit of a challenge of where can we all practice together, where can we have enough space, I think there’s just been some challenges with scheduling and can these things happen? There’d normally be those things like “oh, is it snowing outside, yeah, we can’t have a track meet” but I think that’s just been added on to the aspect of the other challenges with COVID. 

Q: What did you do during quarantine to stay busy?

A: I bought myself a pair of rollerblades and I started rollerblading some and I found that really enjoyable, but I also just got outside. I really like going to Glendalough and running or rollerblading  or just walking and over lockdown our volleyball coach gave us some workouts to do and gave us the opportunity to work out as a group, which I thought was kind of interesting, and that’s kind of what I did.

Q: As an athlete how would you like to be remembered?

A: A positive voice, the person who had the good attitude and who was there to support other players and was happy to be there.

Q: What advice can you share with younger athletes?

A: Keep pushing, keep working. I would say sometimes you need to look out for yourself but you also need to be part of your team and you really need to be working as much as you are for your spot on the team as you are for your team as a whole, and just keep trying new things, I didn’t join track until my sophomore year and I really, really, enjoy it, I wish I would’ve joined earlier.

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