Ryan Aanerud

Fergus Falls boys’ swim team member Ryan Aanerud is a captain on this year’s squad and has a personal goal to improve on last year’s eighth-place finish at the section meet in the backstroke. As one of the swim team’s leaders Aanerud is poised to lead by example having performed very well this early season.

Q: How do you feel the season is going up to this point?

A: It’s going really good. It’s good to be back in the pool on a regular schedule. It’s really good to have something to look forward to every day.

Q: How did the later-than-usual start to the season affect you?

A: Normally we’re used to having a lot of Christmas break practices, we’re in there about three hours during the break so we probably won’t see as much improvement during the normal season but we’re still seeing PRs (personal records) so that’s great.

Q: Personally what did you do to stay busy during the pandemic?

A: I joined the Navy so I’m taking on a lot of responsibility there. I have the goal of becoming a rescue swimmer someday. 

Q: How did you stay motivated for a season that had so many uncertainties?

A: I think that one thing that motivates me is to inspire the younger kids, I think that it’s good to be a role model for the freshmen and sophomores coming up because if you don’t work hard as a senior they’re not going to want to work hard when they’re older.

Q: Do you have any advice to share with younger kids?

A: My best advice would be to set goals for yourself, set goals that you don’t think are possible and make it happen. 

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